A Design Concierge? Huh?

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I can be a little bossy sometimes. But that’s only because I’m looking out for your best interests, not trying to bend you to mine. I’m not trying to sell you anything, I’m only lending my expertise to help you solve a problem. Color, space, budget, “Help me, I don’t know where to start!” kind of problems. Plus, I save you money by keeping you from making costly mistakes. Is that what you think of when you hear the term “Interior Designer?” Probably not. You’re probably thinking, “Oh no, this is going to cost me big bucks.”


So I came up with the term “Design Concierge” because many people shy away from hiring a designer. They think they will save money by doing it themselves. But, you have to ask yourself questions like…

  1. “Am I a color expert?” Do you realize that the countertop, tile and paint colors you are considering all have undertones that, once installed, could make your whole space feel just “wrong?” And you will never understand why it feels wrong because you haven’t spent your professional life studying these kinds of things. And you know the best part? I give you the “why.” Why that is a right choice, why this is a wrong choice. This is not your friend’s or mother’s advice. Expert advice is not about “liking” something, it’s about understanding if it’s going to work in your space.
  2. So you think you’ll just play it safe and everything will turn out all right. But, did you know that contrast is the key to good design? Playing it safe is one of the biggest mistakes I have seen homeowners make. They think they are creating timeless and they are just creating dull and dreary. It is okay to go with all white, or all beige if that is your thing, but you need to create contrast with texture and pattern. And, it’s okay to punch it up with a little excitement. It boggles my mind how many people (decorators included) are afraid to commit to color.
  3. Do you ever analyze an area you want to decorate and think, “Who is the boss here?” By that, I don’t mean letting your spouse make all the decisions. It’s about understanding the fixed elements that won’t or can’t be changed, and working with them. Or, realizing the impact of the new choices you are making. For instance, did you know the granite countertop you have lusted after for years is going to limit your color palette? All the fresh, new colors that you see popping up all around you just don’t go with earthy brown granite. They just don’t. Don’t even try to go there. I have a better solution, but you will have to wait for that blog post, or contact me!Designer

I have so much more to share with you! Don’t start painting until you check out my upcoming post, “The Right Way and Wrong Way to Test Paint Colors.”

Maybe I should tell you how much I charge for my professional advice. $100 an hour. After the first hour, I can bill in 15-minute increments. I understand the “Do & Don’ts” of design. I understand color and trends. Think about what you are about to invest in countertops, tile, and painters. The new couch. Am I worth it?

Next week, I’ll be heading to High Point Market! Can’t wait, I’m so excited. I’ll explain what that is in my next post. Till then :)

    • Susan
    • October 10, 2015

    You are the best! I can attest firsthand to your amazing talent as a design concierge.

    • Julie
    • October 10, 2015

    Hi Cindy: I love your articles! We need to get together with Jan while you are in High Point. Are you staying with her? We both may need your services!

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