Invasion of the Furries.

August 10, 2015, In: Trends

I am not talking about the people who dress up in furry animal costumes and go to Furry conventions and such. This blog is about interior design, folks! And for the record, I had no idea this culture existed until my girlfriend checked into a very nice hotel and asked about all the people walking around in big, furry heads. Who knew?!

Controversial quote

In the last post, I introduced you to Dorothy Draper. The above quote is one of her most famous. Interior designers have taken it to heart in the decades since. Lately, I have been noticing furry footstools and benches popping up everywhere as the so-called “conversation piece.”


I recently returned from Chicago, where I snapped the picture below at the Dream Home, located inside the Merchandise Mart. Note that I did not sepia tone the picture. This is just how it photographed.


Texture is really big right now, so expect to see plenty of faux fur everywhere. But sometimes I kind of think this furry trend screams “Look at me! Look at me! I’m your unexpected conversation piece!” All I can think of is how much my dog would love to curl up in one of those. Except it’s a bench, and she prefers couches. Actually, I think she would prefer the fur cover on the bed. I am just not a fan of this room. I think it tries too hard with the rough wood behind the headboard, metallic wallpaper, Lucite sconces, and all the faux fur.

After leaving the Dream Home, I went upstairs to the showrooms at the Mart and encountered this furry thing hanging on the wall.


Really, has it come to this? Hanging furry things on the wall? I thought I had seen it all until I came across this…

Furry Chandelier

Seriously? A furry chandelier?!

I wonder what Dorothy Draper would think of this “controversial” trend she started! Turning over in her grave? Nah, I bet she would love it.

Photo of Dorothy Draper


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