Does Size Matter?

August 27, 2015, In: Eating Areas, Trends

Just to be clear, we are talking about light fixtures here. And, yes, size does matter. In light fixtures. Remember, this is a design blog? Sheesh. Maybe I should have titled this post Go Big or Go Home!
Hanging pendant lights. Hanging chandeliers. They are getting rather large. Back in the day, designers might say it overwhelms the space. Not anymore. I snapped this picture at last year’s Dream Home, located inside the Chicago Merchandise Mart.

2014 DR

2014 Dream Home Dining Room

The large, modern light above takes front and center stage in this dining room. Below is a photo of the dining room from the 2015 Dream Home.

This year's dining room with an oversized, traditional light.

This year’s dining room with an oversized, traditional chandelier.

Back to a traditional chandelier. But look at the size of it compared to the table! I sensed something big was going on here… sharp as a marble, that’s me… and decided to explore this topic a bit further.
Here is a picture of a traditional type of dining room that has served us perfectly well for generations.

Notice the size of this chandelier compared to the photo above!

Traditional dining room. Notice the size of this chandelier compared to the above photo!

Many of us dreamed of finding that perfect chandelier. Something timeless and gorgeous… maybe one we would find at an estate sale. But something very peculiar is happening to that long-held staple of American dining rooms.

Apparently these days we need to put our chandeliers in a cage
Or wrap them in fabric
And then oversize them.
Look closely at the photo above; there is a huge chandelier under that shade.

And if we don’t oversize what is hanging above our dining room table, maybe we need to think about hanging multiples.
I think investing in beautiful, eye-catching light fixtures is one of the most important things you can do for your home these days. It adds a bit of excitement. Look at this photo below that I took at a tasteful vacation condo I stayed in recently.
vaca condo
It’s a very (yawn), well, perfectly nice kitchen. The pendants neither grab my attention nor make me cringe. It just doesn’t put a twinkle in my eye like this one does…
Hey, I have raised three boys, been married a long time and yes, this does put a twinkle in my eye. Give me a break.

You don’t have to do something crazy or expensive, just be interesting. I recently visited my cousin in rural Kentucky and was delighted to see the cabin she recently rehabbed. Kitchen cabinets made from reclaimed barn wood that she took from her own property. The lights over the counter were handmade from industrial containers she found. It is an amazing place set in the rural hills and I hope I get invited back… soon. Hello my lovely cousin, are you reading this?

You can’t always do “safe,” or you end up with a house that, well, to use my son’s favorite word is just “Meh.” Some trends you have to embrace, and I think lighting is a very important one to consider. More on this topic yet to come!


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